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Speed in Business

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Speed in Business

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“Speed is the essence of war. Take advantage of the enemy’s unpreparedness; travel by unexpected routes and strike him where has taken no precautions.” Sun Tzu

Speed is vital in any business. Competitive environment of a business is ever-changing, and it’s pace continues to increase. So success or rise in a situation as such requires a company to move rapidly. Moving in speed doesn’t mean doing things recklessly. Speed requires much planning before implementation. Execution of speed constructs competitive advantages for your Company

Execution of plans

Having great ideas is not a big deal, as millions of entrepreneurs come up with such ideas, each year. Each year countless hours are spent in creating and re-creating detailed business and strategic plans. Mostly going to waste as entrepreneurs fail to follow through on their own plans.

The trend of 2-day, 1 day and now same day delivery expectations from consumers has put pressure on deliveries and fulfillment begets faster supply chains.

Operations are being speeded up by firms in the value chain, whether it’s moving production closer to consumers, improving speed-to-market, or integrating technology to cut down on lead times. Supply chain managers must work towards speeding while maintaining accuracy, reliability, and resiliency.

Author: SLA Admin Logistics

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